06 June 2005

Underwater exploration along the coast of South Africa

Following the phenomenal success of "Operation Zembe" Monty Halls, a full time dive journalist and expedition leader will once again collaborate with maritime archaeologist, Dr Bruno Werz of the South African Institute of Marine Archaeology (SAIMA), to lead a second expedition from 2-22 October 2005 to Cape Town to further the story behind one of the most exciting archaeological discoveries in decades.

In November 2004 a dive team, co-ordinated by the Scientific Exploration Society exploring marine cave systems off the Cape of Good Hope, made a number of remarkable finds.

Most exciting of all was a large cave system that could well reveal traces of pre-historic occupation. The expedition created some compelling arguments for further investigation of these marine cave systems as the new frontier of exploration into mankind's most ancient ancestors.

Operation Zembe was prompted by the discovery of three stone hand axes by Dr Bruno Werz in 1995. These artefacts, located on the seabed in False Bay, were thought to be ten times older than anything else ever discovered beneath the sea. Dr Werz approached the Dorset based SES (the Scientific Exploration Society) for further investigation.

We are seeking enthusiastic divers and underwater cameramen PADI Advanced Open Water or above to join the team. No previous experience of underwater surveying is required, training will be given.

For further information, please contact:
Expedition Manager
Scientific Exploration Society
Tel: 01747 854898

Source: www.bsac.org


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