30 November 2004

Cape Town beaches 'safe'

Cape Town - There's no guarantee on the Great Whites, but you should be safe from attack by E coli when you swim off Cape Town's beaches this summer.

Mayoral committee member responsible for storm water, Danile Landingwe, said on Monday the annual report on catchment and storm water management showed the city's water quality had been maintained at consistently high levels.

False Bay beaches achieved "93% compliance" this year, while the Atlantic coast achieved 82%.

"It bodes well for tourism that the monitoring results prove that our beaches are safe for bathing in the holiday season ahead," he said in a statement.

His spokesperson, Frank van der Velde, said the compliance was measured in terms of national and international standards that took a number of factors into account.

"One the most important in terms of safety is the E coli level, which is basically the result of sewage," he said.

Source: www.news24.com


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