24 November 2004

Elephant seal avoids rush-hour traffic

Blaaubergstrand residents have received an unusual visit from an elephant seal that wandered in from the ocean and onto a street, causing a stir among motorists making their way to work.

Table View police spokesperson Jakkie van Litsenborgh said: "The seal was spotted by one of the residents who reported it to the police. Members of our Crime Combat Unit were dispatched to the scene. The seal had made his way along the pavement and into Popham Street."

Litsenborgh said the seal had not been in danger.

"It was rather early in the morning, so traffic wasn't a problem for the animal to deal with."

People driving to work actually stopped to have a look at the seal and others made sure they drove slowly and didn't injure the animal."

"A few passers-by also assisted the policemen with the seal."

"They were able to guide it back to the ocean without harming it."

"It was returned to the water within 30 minutes."


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