03 November 2004

No shark cage? Hogwash, says operator

Shark tour operator Andr´┐Ż Hartman, who was bitten by a baby Great White shark on the foot at the weekend, says allegations that he is operating without using a cage are "hogwash" and are just rumours put out by rival operators.

Marine and Coastal Management (MCM) are investigating claims that Hartman was operating without using a cage, which is one of the conditions stipulated in his permit.

MCM communications officer Carol Moses said an investigation was under way regarding the allegations.

"He allegedly transgressed the conditions of his permit issued by the department. When we issue a permit there are certain conditions," said Moses.

Responding to the investigation, Hartman said he suffered a stroke earlier in 2004 and there was "no way I am going to jump into the water".

"The claim is a whole lot of hogwash," said Hartman.


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