10 January 2005

Boesmansgat dive disaster

Double disaster as diver dies at Boesmansgat.
The attempt to take Deon Dreyer home after 10 years claimed the life of a diver on Saturday. Dreyer's body had been lying at a depth of 270m at the bottom of Boesmansgat Cave since December 1994.

On Saturday, a team of volunteer technical divers and police divers, assisted by paramedics attempted to recover Dreyer's remains.

The divers entered the 18 deg water at 06.15. Thirty minutes later things began to go wrong.

Australian diver Dave Shaw, who was to dive to the bottom to secure Dreyer's remains failed to meet his team mate Don Shirley at 220m.

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Diver's body will stay in cave
There will be no search for Australian diver Dave Shaw who went missing on Saturday in the world's third deepest freshwater cave, Boesmansgat, in the Northern Cape.

Shaw and a team of technical divers attempted to recover the remains of Deon Dreyers, a diver who blacked out and drowned in the cave, while diving there in 1994.

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'Let this be my grave'
"If something goes wrong, leave me down there. I want my final resting place to be in Boesmansgat."

The meaning of world-record diver Dave Shaw's instructions to his team on Friday night was clear.

He knew there was a real chance he would not survive his attempt to recover the remains of another diver from the 271m-deep Boesmansgat cave - the third-deepest freshwater cave in the world - near Danielskuil in Northern Cape.

Shaw also was adamant that no divers should follow his example and risk their lives in trying to recover his body.

Tragically, Saturday's meticulously planned dive did go horribly wrong.

Shaw failed to return from the bed of the cave.

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