24 January 2005

KwaZulu Natal faces more stormy weather

KwaZulu-Natal can expect more storms in the next few days, says the weather bureau.

Sifiso Ngubane of the South African Weather Service said that the storms were a typical feature of summer weather in the province.

"It is a typical summer scenario," Ngubane said.

"Normally thunderstorms will occur almost every day, more especially in the Drakensberg."

He said the storms usually developed in the Drakensberg and made their way eastwards through the interior.

It was difficult to predict the severity of storms as they could be spotted only within 24 hours of forming.

Ngubane said Monday would be cloudy with evening rain.

"Storms will be confined to the western part of KZN, in areas such as the Drakensberg, Ladysmith and Colenso."

He said there would not be any storms tomorrow, but that there would be some rain in the morning and evening.

Ngubane said more storms were expected from Thursday.

He said the storms would be widespread.

In the past few weeks storms have left families homeless in the Midlands, Greytown, Ulundi and other parts of Zululand and have killed at least 13 people.

Government aid has been given to families in the form of food, and private companies and welfare organisations have donated clothing, food and money.


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