09 February 2005

Choosing a scuba diving centre? - 10 things you should know

  1. Choose a dive centre that is convenient. You don't want to have to travel miles and miles to dive if you can avoid it.
  2. Check out how long the dive centre has been in existence.
  3. Ask the dive centre for referrals so you can ask other who have been there before you how it was.
  4. Ask who the dive instructor will be and how long he or she has been training
  5. Call the dive instructor and ask him or her questions about your level and expectations
  6. Make sure the dive centre you are considering offers the brand of qualification you will need.
  7. Visit the dive centre if possible, in person, and get a feel for the people there. Diving is after all about people you can trust your life with.
  8. Ask the dive centre about their safety record.
  9. Ask the centre about their cancellation policy and what happens if you get sick or cannot go through with your dives
  10. Make sure the dive centre operates at the times that are convenient to you e.g. night time or weekends etc.


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