22 February 2005

Oil slick in lake angers residents

Angry residents complained on Monday that a thick oil slick had appeared on the surface of Top Lake at Umbilo Park, Durban, killing marine and bird life.

Simon Dean, the chairperson of the Umbilo Conservancy, said that the water in the two lakes in the park was fed through the stormwater drains.

"It seems that somebody dumped a great deal of oil into the stormwater drains. We now have a thick rim of oil on the Top Lake.

"The water surface has oil. The lilies are covered with oil and now the birds are getting into it," said Dean.

He said he had reported the matter to the Fire and emergency department, which had referred it to the water and waste department.

"There has been no sign of them, and I have been told that a team will be sent in some time today. It might be too late," said Dean.

A spokesperson for the water and waste department said the problem would get attention.


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