15 February 2005

Scuba dive sites in South Africa: Gansbaai

Great White Shark cage diving in Gansbaai
Gansbaai is little holiday and fishing village situated a 160km from Cape Town. The area has several attractions for the nature lover with whale watching being the most popular. Accommodation may be taken in any of the Bed & Breakfast establishments and the few restaurants offer good quality food. The daily cage diving/sighting trips are launched from the neighbouring Kleinbaai.
Dyer Island has become known as one of only two unique areas in the world where there is an exceptionally good chance to chances see the Great White shark. Other wildlife species such as Cape Fur Seals, Cape Gannets, Cape Cormorants, Jackass penguins, whales and dolphins are also likely to be sighted.

Cage diving is strictly regulated by the authorities and conducted in an ethical way in accordance with international standards. It is absolutely safe and you need not have any diving experience at all, only a short course on safety and the use of the equipment.

The best time of the year is in April - September, when the sharks are particularly active in their feeding patterns (80-99%). Even though you still have a good chance of seeing the sharks during the other months (October - February), their feeding patterns are different and sightings are less consistent (80%).


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