09 March 2005

Boat diving tips

  1. Assemble your gear as soon as possible. It is easier to do so before the boat gets underway. Doing so will be easier on you if you have a problem with motion sickness. You'll be able to enter the water as soon as the divemaster or boat captain has given permission.
  2. Secure your tanks.
  3. Secure your weight belts underneath your seat, not on the seating area where they have the potential to fall and injure someone or damage the boat.
  4. Stow your dive bag underneath your seat. Unpacking & repacking your gear from your dive bag will help minimize the chance of losing a piece of gear.
  5. Have a separate 'dry bag' for your towel & dry clothes. Even a large zip-loc bag is better than nothing.
  6. Always listen to the pre-dive briefings. If you missed something in the briefing, ask.
  7. Know where the first aid kit & emergency oxygen are located.
  8. Don't leave open beverage containers on the camera table.
  9. Don't dip your mask or any other gear in the camera rinse tank.
  10. BE EARLY! Being early allows you more time to park, find the boat, load your gear, gear up, & the time to relax before the boat gets under way - which also helps minimize anxiety.
  11. Don't forget cash for tips.
  12. Get plenty of rest the night before your dive.
  13. Be sober - enough said.
  14. If you are prone to seasickness, start taking your meds early. 12-24 hours before going to sea.
  15. Eat a good breakfast. Contrary to popular belief, coffee & donuts don't qualify.
  16. Dress warmly, but don't fully suit up until you're at the dive site. It is important to stay warm, but not get overheated in your wetsuit while you're on your way out to the site.
  17. Stay hydrated-drink plenty of water before & after your dive.
  18. Don't forget to pack snacks for in between dives. Granola bars or similar high carbo bars provide a good source of energy.
  19. Perform your buddy check early. If your buddy is a stranger you've been paired up with, you'll want to start early.


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