17 March 2005

Spinal injuries and not a shark killed man

Lifesavers say spinal injuries and not a shark attack killed 51-year old Anthony Arnachallan who's body was found at the Isipingo river outside Durban last week.

"He definitely died of spinal injuries after he was hit with a blunt object on the back of the neck" said a spokesperson for Nokia Sea Rescue, Jace Govender.

He said the Chatsworth man had two shark bites on his right leg but it was not known if he was bitten before or after he injured his spine.

Govender said the body was in the water for about 12 hours before being washed up by the high tide.

He said the shape of the bites led them to believe the attacker was a tiger shark.

"Tiger sharks, ragged tooth and Zambezi sharks are indigenous to these waters. It is wrong to say they're man eaters, but they will attack anything that moves," said Govender.

It was the fifth shark attack in the Isipingo area in 15 years.

Initially beaches in the area were closed but shark nets are in place and from Sunday it will be open every day.


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