02 March 2005

St Lucia man killed by crocodile

A 75-year-old St Lucia man was attacked and killed by a large crocodile while fishing at an overnight fishing spot near the lake's estuary on Monday night, the Greater St Lucia Wetland Park authorities said on Tuesday.

Rowland Vorwerk for the park said Neville Elder set out on a night-fishing trip on Monday evening and sat in a spot near the skiboat club.

"They lit a fire and might have fallen asleep. During the night the crocodile attacked him, as there was evidence the crocodile had dragged him into the water," said Vorwerk.

He added that Elder's remains were spotted near the crocodile in the water by park conservation staff early on Tuesday.

Conservation manager Tony Conway said the crocodile has been identified on several occasions as showing unusual aggression towards people and boats.

He said experts would confirm that it was unusual for a crocodile to come out of the water to attack a human being.


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