27 May 2005

South African Navy to help adult fur seal

A naval strike craft, the SAS Makhanda, will transport an adult fur seal from Durban on Friday to Cape Recife where she will be freed to return to her home in Marion Island in the Indian ocean.

Navy spokesperson Manny Gounden said the fur seal, known as Mission, apparently arrived in Durban last Saturday and stayed in the harbour for the weekend.

"He is almost 3000 kilometres from his home at Marion Island and most probably found himself in trouble after chasing the early sardines."

Gounden said Mission appeared to have no injuries and only needed a rest before returning home. The seal was being accommodated at the Sea World rehabilitation facility in Durban.

"The seal will be crated and transported in a sealed transportable box."

The SAS Makhanda was on its way home to Simonstown in the Western Cape after completing an exercise with the French navy when it received a request for assistance from Sea World.

Source: www.news24.com


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