28 June 2005

Meet the newly appointed BSAC Council members for 2005 - 2008

Following the BSAC Annual General Meeting in May of this year, the BSAC has some newly elected Council members.

You can meet all of Council at www.bsac.com/about/meetcouncil.htm and see where their interests lie and also their contact details.

In July the Council are meeting and will be allocating their teams and their objectives for the next three years. Once these teams are formed the email addresses for team leaders will be promoted and if you have anything which you would particularly like to raise specific to that team for discussion you will be able to do this.

In the meantime, existing and new Council members are keen to attend local branches and carry out Regional Visits and meetings if you would like to meet them. In some areas this is already happening.

Over the next few months you will see more about the BSAC Council and hopefully meet many of them.

Bob Healey, a newly elected member is keen to carry out any visits, meetings, formal or informal or attend an event if you wish him to in his area, North West England. Please do contact Bob directly at bob.healey@bsac.com or north.sdo@bsac.com or northwestsnorkeller@ntlworld.com or telephone on 0161 292 6243. Bob would be delighted to hear from you.

To contact other Council members for visits please email them on the email address provided on the website.

Source: www.bsac.org


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