23 June 2005

PADI Diving Society welcomes members and partners at launch event for Asia Pacific region

The Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) Asia Pacific were very excited to co-host the first PADI Diving Society Asia Pacific launch event and welcome members and partners on Friday 3rd June 2005.

More than 100 guests gathered to attend the informal launch eager to learn more about the exciting new development with Scuba Diver Australasia and the PADI Diving Society!

Already established in the USA and UK, the PADI Diving Society is the largest diver affinity group of its kind offering members a vast range of benefits for a lifetime of scuba diving adventures.

The PADI Diving Society was first launched in 1997 when PADI co-founder and CEO, the late John Cronin, saw a need for an affinity group within the diving industry. We are now delighted to introduce the PADI Diving Society to the Asia Pacific region in collaboration with Asian Geographic Magazines.

"The PADI Diving Society is all about being a diver and getting the most out of your diving lifestyle. Being part of the PADI Diving Society is something special with more than 175,000 PADI Diving Society members worldwide and growing!" said Shahram Saber, Marketing Manager, PADI Asia Pacific. "Being a diver means living the diving lifestyle, enjoying underwater adventures and forming friendships with other likeminded enthusiasts. "Your membership to the PADI Diving Society enhances your lifestyle".

The PADI Diving Society Asia Pacific complements PADI's position as the industry leader in scuba diver education and aims to:

  • Encourage fun, enjoyment, and an active lifestyle through valuable savings and benefits tailored to members’ interests.

  • Entertain members with a unique blend of fabulous photography, inspired writing, and humour in the pages of Scuba Diver Australasia magazine, the Official Publication of the PADI Diving Society.

  • Educate all people on the need to preserve and protect the marine environment while providing opportunities for involvement in conservation efforts.

  • Enrich the dive experience by presenting new opportunities for adventure and exploration above and below water.

  • Enhance the knowledge, skills, confidence and technical awareness of divers and others who love the ocean.

    We thank all our Dive Centre and Resort members for their support and participation in the benefits program and are confident they will regard this as an important tool to help grow the industry whilst gaining exposure to a vast audience of dive enthusiasts and most importantly - keep divers diving!

    Source: PADI


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