08 June 2005

Ragged Tooth sharks arrive early at Protea Banks

Every year the Ragged Tooth sharks make there way up from the colder Cape waters to the east coast of KwaZulu Natal as part of their breeding cycle.

They generally start arriving at Protea Banks from late June and hang around until late October. This year (2005) these sharks have been sighted on the reef from the beginning of May.

If this is any indication that the "Raggies" are going to arrive in the same force as last year then it will be a fantastic winter season.

Last year (2004) saw the "Raggies" arrive on Protea Banks in there hundreds literally carpeting the reef, it was a truly magnificent sight.

Placid and slow moving, the "Raggies" accept the divers without fuss.

Protea Banks is rated as one of the world's best shark diving spots. Divers are taken to the reefs in semi rigid boats (all dives are boat dives) that are launched directly from the beach and through the surf. The launches have been likened to white water rafting in wet suits. All dives are drift dives and are lead by local dive masters who know the reef intimately.

Visibility varies from 5 to 40 meters, and the water temperature in summer is 24+ degrees Celcius and in winter not colder than 19 degrees Celcius. The depths vary between 30 and 40 meters and one must be an experienced diver for these often 3 knot mid-water drift dives. This is adventure diving at it's best but for experienced divers only.

For the adventure of a lifetime and the chance to dive with these magnificent creatures visit Dive South Africa and African Odyssea for more information and tour packages.

Source: African Odyssea newsletter


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