13 July 2005

Iceland prepared to work with Japan on whaling

Iceland has told fellow pro-whalers Japan that it may be possible for the two countries to work together on commercial whaling, reports have suggested.

It is reported that the Icelandic Prime Minister, Halldor Asgrismsson has recently visited Japan to attend the Aichi 2005 World Expo, and has been discussing his country's whaling activities during his stay.

Aggrismsson said that if Iceland begin commercial whaling in the future, there will be ways to cooperate with Japan, although he did not elaborate on what kind of cooperation this would be.

Both Japan and Iceland currently kill a limited number of whales each year for so-called 'scientific' reasons.

Japan and Iceland unsuccessfully pushed to overturn the moratorium on commercial whaling at the meeting of the IWC in Korea last month.

Source: Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society


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