20 July 2005

Pemba Island, Zanzibar: Missing divers' life jackets found

Rescue workers searched by air and water yesterday for four Danish divers and their British-Canadian instructor who disappeared off Zanzibar.

A Danish woman and her two sons, another Dane and their instructor failed to surface at a designated spot while diving off Pemba, an island in the Indian Ocean archipelago, said Denmark's ambassador, Carsten Nilaus Pedersen.

"It seems there was an unexpected strong current - that is the hypothesis," Pedersen said.

On Sunday rescuers found a life jacket on a sand dune that appears during low tide, and aircraft spotted two other life jackets in the sea before calling off the search at dusk yesterday.

"We have not given up hope yet that all of them have managed to get ashore," Nilaus Pedersen said.

A Danish diplomat was sent to Pemba's main town of Chake Chake, he said.

Source: www.themercury.co.za


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