25 August 2005

Suunto D9 wrist-mounted watches - a new era for scuba diving

Whether you're a guppy or a seasoned diver, you're sure to appreciate the certainty and confidence that comes from boosting your sub-aquatic information. With a dive computer that gives you an accurate readout of your directional heading and vital air supply data, you can finally get the edge that you need.

In the past, divers had to monitor several gauges while on a dive. There were many distractions due to the fumbling about a diver could experience trying to access scuba diving equipment that wasn't always at the ready. But with the release of the Suunto D9, the past is well, just that...

The Suunto D9 is the first diving monitor of its kind, incorporating functions previously handled by several separate pieces of scuba gear. It is one of the only dive computer watches on the market to feature full digital compass functionality in addition to providing an accurate and detailed readout of your depth, time, and decompression status.

By using the Suunto D9's optional wireless transmitter (which attaches easily to your tank) you can also monitor tank pressure and air consumption data from the wrist. The remaining tank pressure is displayed both numerically and graphically, and an estimation of the remaining air-time is given throughout the dive. This allows you to monitor the remaining air supply at the same time as you monitor depth and time. Real time air consumption is also stored in the memory.

The Suunto D9 can be used with up to three different gas mixes containing 21-100% oxygen, allowing gas switching during the dive. Decompression calculations are based on the Suunto Deep Stop RGBM model, which provides iterative deep stops as an alternative to traditional safety stops. For those intending to go really deep, the maximum depth display is set at 660ft.

In addition to basic dive data, the built-in dive logbook provides a graphical dive profile with which real time water temperature and tank pressure data can be analyzed on the wrist-top computer. The sampling rate can be set to as low as 1s. The attractively designed Suunto D9 has a tough titanium housing, and includes an USB-compatible PC interface. This works with the Suunto Dive Manager 2.0 software, allowing you to graphically review, store, and analyze your dive data.

The Suunto D9 may make an excellent addition to your scuba diving gear. SuuntoWatches offers free shipping and a no-nonsense 30-day return policy – plus, they carry every other watch in the Suunto line. To learn more, visit: Suunto Watches

Source: www.divenews.com


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