16 September 2005

Aquaseal BC Life adds new life to your BC

So you're hanging out in the water and decide to give your BC a little oral inflation, as it were. Little do you know what legions of microbes, mold and fungi are hanging out in your BC bladder, just waiting for you to affix your lips and give a little blow. Ugh.

Well, help is on the way. McNett Aqua seal BC Life comes in handy. You merely pour a wee bit down your exhaust hose, add some fresh water, give a little shake and shimmy, and your BC is good as new.

Well, maybe not. That depends on how well you take care of it. But after washing it clean every time you dive, try some of this stuff and it will clean and condition all parts of your BCD, removing harmful bacteria, salt deposits and other harmful residue. You can never take too good care of your scuba gear.

Source: www.divester.com


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