02 September 2005

A Dozen new regulators reviewed

Scuba Diving recently tested a dozen new regs. Ranging in price from a few hundred dollars to one that costs $1400, Scuba Diving claims this year's batch of regs is the most user-friendly ever.

After putting the regs through a battery of tests – from days of open water diving off Catalina, to testing them on a breathing simulator – the testers ranked them on various ergonomic categories (from dryness and ease of breathing, to bubble interference and comfort).

Not surprisingly, Atomic's new T2 Regulator received more Excellent scores than any regulator ever tested. (I write "not surprisingly," because it was the $1400 unit.)

However, for those divers not interested in dropping that kind of cash, there are a number of other, more affordable, regs to choose from that received very high marks. If you're on the lookout for new breathing gear, be sure to hit the last page of the review, where John Brumm lists several regulator features to consider.

Source: www.divester.com


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