19 September 2005

Gear Review: Mares Quattro Fins

It can be incredibly frustrating to dive with lousy fins. You kick and kick and get seem to glide through the water like a stone. Not just that, but working so hard to get somewhere can suck all the air out of your tank, leaving you with less precious time underwater.

The Mares Quattro Excel is a new fin out from the folks at Mares that offers a patented four-channel design to optimize water flow down the fins long, sleek blades. What you get is a sweet boosts in power and high efficiency. Nice. But the fins also feature soft plastic near the instep so that they're comfy as a slipper. A friend of mine recently mentioned these fins to me, and I'm eager to give them a try.

Here is a bullish review if you'd like to read further.

Source: www.divester.com


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