23 September 2005

Scuba Diving Gear: RG300 - AltAir Octopus

An innovative product designed for out-of-air emergencies.

So where is your octopus during the dive? Is it trailing along in the water behind you? Can you find it in an emergency? Can you find it at all?

XS Scuba has addressed that problem by developing the AltAir.

The AltAir utilizes the same patented quick-release buckles used on most of today's modern weight-integrated BC's.

Snap the AltAir in place to the BC and forget about it. If you need it, it will be there...every time. Even after a giant stride from a 20' tuna tower...it's still there.

Yet, just grab and pull the AltAir; that's all that is needed to release the patented X-Lock™ buckle.

* Exclusive X-Lock™ attachment
* Intelligent, inline mouthpiece orientation
* Reliable, free flow resistant design
* Female BC attachment clip included
* Hi-Viz neon yellow
* Patent #6,487,761
* 36" hose (92 cm)

Source: www.xsscuba.com


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