28 October 2005

Salem scuba club stranded in Mexico after Hurricane Wilma

Members of a Salem scuba club are stranded in Mexico after Hurricane Wilma struck during their annual diving trip.

Scuba Outfitters in Salem sent 23 people to Cozumel on October 15 and just six days later, the region was pummeled by the hurricane.

The group waited out the storm in a resort.

Family and friends back in Oregon say the group told them the resort flooded and food and water were limited, but they are all alive and well.

"The resort they're staying at is over 100 years old and has weathered many hurricanes, so they thought they were going to be safe," said Page Merrill, the mother of one of the stranded scuba divers.

The scuba divers are still in Mexico. They are expected to return sometime this week.

Source: www.katu.com


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