07 October 2005

Tech Diving Limited proudly launches Nautilus Dive Planner at DEMA

The Nautilus Dive Planner is an advanced tool for decompression planning featuring the Hamilton-Kenyon decompression model.

"Currently technical divers use dive planning programs that run a single algorithm. While this is not a bad thing, no one has had the ability to easily compare different algorithms in a single program", stated Joel Silverstein, Vice President of Tech Diving Limited.

"However with the launch of NAUTILUS, this is all going to change. For a full demonstration of Nautilus Dive Planner, please visit Tech Diving Limited's booth #1751 at DEMA 2005.

Alternatively you can download a free demonstration version of NAUTILUS by logging onto www.nautilusdiveplanner.com

Source: www.deeperblue.net


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