25 November 2005

Sharks finned on Tofo Beach Mozambique

Shark finning is becoming an increasingly common phenomenon for the locals along the Mozambique coast. Asians have set up camp in many of the coastal towns and offer around R800 for 1Kg of dried shark fin.

This is a substantial amount of money to the local subsistence fishermen who are now encouraged to target sharks for their fins.

The images below were taken on the 19/11/05 on Tofo Beach near Inhambane. Tofo is a world renowned area for scuba diving and the revenue generated by the diving industry in Tofo is vital to the areas development.

Sharks finned on Tofo Beach Mozambique

Sharks finned on Tofo Beach Mozambique

Currently more than 100 million sharks are taken from the seas each year. Many just for their fins. In simple terms, they are literally being caught and killed faster than they can reproduce. Please help stop the spread of this destructive process.

Please email your comments to this address: nick.raba@kangela-mz.com

Nick will ensure your comments are printed and posted to the relevant ministries.

Thank you.

Source: www.sharklife.co.za


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