02 December 2005

Review: Five Full-Face Masks

What if you could buy a mask that never fogs, offers a better field of vision, lets you breathe through your nose and--when properly equipped--allows you to talk with your buddy and the dive boat?

These are the advantages of full-face masks, standard issue equipment for commercial, military and police divers, but also a viable option for recreational divers.

With this review of five widely available systems, covering masks with integrated second-stage regulators and those that work with your own regulator, we set out to answer the question, "Are full-face masks a practical option for recreational divers?"

Please read the full article at www.scubadiving.com/gear/masks_and_snorkels

Source: www.divester.com - Thanks guys!!!
Original Article Source: www.scubadiving.com/gear/masks_and_snorkels


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