15 December 2005

SSI to Launch the Master Diver Challenge - A great way to keep divers involved

SSI promotes new and different way to get divers involved in continuing education and advancement!

January first will earmark the beginning of SSI's 2006 Master Diver Challenge! The program is designed to help SSI Dealers get customers excited about diving and get rewarded for their efforts.

Each time a customer reaches a new level and purchases the related specialty card, SSI will send them a Milestone Award - everything will be sent to the SSI Dealer for distribution.

Prizes include a 5 day Cayman Island Dive Trip, High Quality Dive Watch, T-shirts, Patches, and Personalized Diplomas,!**

Milestone #1. Specialty Diver = 2 Specialties + 12 Dives - Earn an SSI Congratulatory Diploma

Milestone #2. Advanced Open Water Diver = Specialty Diver Rating + 2 Specialties + 12 Dives - Earn an Advanced Open Water Diver Patch and SSI Congratulatory

Milestone #3. Master Diver = AOWD Rating + Diver Stress & Rescue* + 26 Dives - Earn a Master Diver Patch, SSI Congratulatory Diploma, Master Diver T-shirt, and a chance to win a trip, or a high quality diving watch *If Diver Stress & Rescue has already been taken, diver must complete another specialty

To be entered into the contest the Master Diver level must be reached by December 31, 2006.

How to get involved
1. Challenge Sign Up - Call 800.821.4319 (Must be an SSI Dealer)

2. Marketing Tools - Once you've signed up, SSI will send you a CD filled with promotional materials that you can have produced with your store logo and location information.

3. Get Started - Have materials produced, train staff, decorate store, then promote the challenge to your customers!

Sign Up Today!

Call 800.821.4319

Source: www.divenewswire.com


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