27 January 2006

Buzz your divebuddy with a SCUBuzz

If you're looking for an underwater noisemaker, maybe you want check out the SCUBuzz, an underwater signaling device worn like a wristwatch.

Sold as a pair, the SCUBuzz is a two-way ultrasonic radio transmitter/receiver that connects two people – even if one is on the surface.

To buzz your buddy, press the button and it signals the person (with vibrations and lights) wearing the mate to your pair.

Willy Volk (of DiveSter) comments that he's not crazy about the vibrating and the lights – he'd probably have a heart attack when he got SCUBuzzed the first time!
So would I!!

Willy likes the idea of not wondering whether the rapping he hears is his buddy, someone else's buddy, or the gills of the fast-approaching shark.

Willy, I think you have the support of many thinking that very same thing.

Anyway, a pair of SCUBuzzes retails for $300, that's roughly around ZAR1850 for my fellow South Africans.

Source: www.divester.com


At 11:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Scubuzz is sold as a single or a set. A single sells for $134.99 and a set sells for $249.99. You save $19.99 when you buy the Scubuzz as a set.

Yes you do need two Scubuzzes to alert eachother, but some divers do go on dive trips alone with other divers and if somone else has a Scubuzz on the same trip, the great thing is that the Scubuzzes will be compatable to eachother.

I used the Scubuzz in Florida this year with my dive buddy and it was awesome. He used his rattler, and I didn't hear him. When he used his Scubuzz, I responded immediately.

I think that when your mind is not listening for something, you don't hear it, and I'm sure all of us have been there, but when your doing your own thing and you feel the vibration, you feel it right away and your resoponse from your dive buddy is quicker and that's what I want.

The Scubuzz can have hundreds of divers on the same ID or you can have a combination of divers on different codes.

For example: If five divers were diving but all of you did not want to dive together, you simply change your codes and two of you go one way and three of you go the other way. Even though the five of you are in the same area, you will only alert your dive buddy and leave the other divers alone. PRETTY COOL HUH?

There is also a timer on the Scubuzz to remind you to check your air.

If you know you have 30 minutes of air left, set your Scubuzz for 25 minutes and the Scubuzz will vibrate in 25 minutes reminding you that you have five minutes to finish what you are doing. That I think is nice because how many of us get to involved in doing what we are doing and forget to check our air.

I don't have many dives, but I'm glad I have the Scubuzz. I was always untangling my rattler from my BC to get my dive buddy's attention and by the time I got their attention, what I wanted them to see was already gone. With the Scubuzz being on your wrist, there is nothing to get tangled. You simply push a button.


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