23 January 2006

Cozumel home to Mexico Underwater Show for second year

The Cozumel Tourism Promotion Board is pleased to announce that the island will be home to the 2006 "México Underwater Dive Show."

Sponsored by the Cozumel Tourism Promotion Board and the Government of the State of Quintana Roo, the second annual dive show will take place in Cozumel, June 1-3. 2006.

Held at the Cozumel Convention Center, the show will display the wide array of dive facilities and privileges that Mexico offers to scuba diving and water sports enthusiasts – all in one place.

More than 35 major Mexican destinations, representing the country's more than 6,000 miles of coastline -- along with inland lakes, springs, rivers, caves, and cenotes -- will be participating at this year's event to provide guests with informative seminars, product expositions, dive travel packages and more.

A world-renowned dive destination, Cozumel was chosen again to host Mexico Underwater because of its vast natural resources and reputation as a diver's paradise. Located along the largest reef system in the Western Hemisphere, Cozumel is also easily accessible, with direct flights available from the United States, Canada and other Mexican cities.

The pristine, crystal-clear, turquoise waters of Cozumel await scuba divers and non-divers alike. According to Raul Marrufo, Director of the Cozumel Tourism Promotion Board, "All are invited to join us for Mexico Underwater to enjoy the wonders and mysticism of Cozumel above and beneath the sea. We are proud to be the host destination, not only so visitors can learn about our own island's resources, but to help them discover the many magnificent underwater adventures that all of Mexico has to offer visitors."

The Mexico Underwater Dive Show will include:
  • Expositions on Mexican destinations, services and facilities.
  • Expositions on airlines and travel agencies offering services to Mexican destinations from the US, Canada and Europe.
  • Seminars on various destinations.
  • An underwater film festival.
  • A photo contest.
  • SCUBA specialty courses at reduced prices.
  • New equipment demonstrations. Unlike other dive shows, equipment demos will be provided in the ocean among Cozumel's magnificent coral reefs.
  • Nightly Mexican fiestas.
  • Special activities program for non-divers attending the show.
  • Sinking of an artificial reef outside of the marine park.

    The Unique Cozumel Dive Experience
    Cozumel offers more than 30 different diving sites ranging from the colorful coral gardens of Paraiso Reef, a 400 yd. easy access area ideal for new or novice divers, to the Maracaibo Reef, a 130 plus foot reef reserved only for advanced and seasoned divers.

    With a maximum depth of 45 ft., Paraiso Reef is full of life and color and has a visibility level that normally exceeds 200 ft. At the challenging Maracaibo Reef divers can experience encounters with large marine animals, view enormous gorgonians and great coral formations. Offering a variety of dive adventures for all experience levels diving in Cozumel is never boring.

    Cozumel is fringed by a complex coral reef eco system, part of a massive chain of reefs that stretches from the Gulf of México to Honduras. Cozumel reefs are part of the second largest coral chain system in the world, matched only by the Great Barrier Reefs in Australia.

    The wide variety of diving offered by Cozumel cannot be found in any one destination anywhere else in the world. Dive sites range from shallow sites that do not exceed 60 feet to areas with depths exceeding 1000 feet. Visibility levels never fall below 100 feet and can increase to more than 200 feet.

    Water temperatures in Cozumel range from low 80´s during the winter months to the upper 80´s in the summer months. Since the western shore of the island is limited by a natural channel, drift diving is the most characteristic aspect of a Cozumel dive session.

    Wall diving is one of the most demanded activities. Due to a permanent mild current, you can literally ¨fly¨ along the coral walls for more than 40 minutes while watching enormous coral formations and abundant marine life within these underwater walls.

    Cozumel reefs are protected as part of the Cozumel National Reefs Marine Park and diving in Cozumel is ruled by the most discriminating international safety standards.

    Offering travelers adventures above water as well, Cozumel has a variety of land-based attractions for travelers to enjoy, ranging from horseback riding on the beach or through the jungle to shopping experiences at colorful downtown shops where avid shoppers can find anything from handmade Mexican crafts to designer watches and French perfume. Cozumel also provides a wide variety of dining options to please every palate and offers hotel accommodations to suit different needs for divers as well as families and couples. With an array of activities both in and out of the water, abundant restaurants, and selection of accommodations Cozumel presents the perfect locale for divers seeking the ultimate dive vacation.

    The island of Cozumel, named "The Land of the Swallows" by the Maya who inhabited it more than 2,000 years ago, is located in the state of Quintana Roo, east of the Yucatan Peninsula. Situated along the world's second-largest reef network and home to the famed Palancar Reef, discovered by Jacques Cousteau in 1962, Cozumel boasts a first-class international dive and snorkel reputation. Cozumel provides an ideal dive environment with water temperatures between 77 to 82 degrees year-round and visibility levels up to 200 feet.

    Divers can visit more than 37 different dive sites to explore more than 20 miles of multi-colored coral reefs, all protected as part of the Cozumel Reefs National Marine Park, and enjoy the islands fascinating marine life. Cozumel has also established itself as a prime golf, honeymoon and family vacation destination.

    In a Money magazine survey, Cozumel was recognized as a top vacation destination, noted for its diversity, offering something for every traveler, and great vacation value.

    Visit Cozumel on the World Wide Web at www.islacozumel.com.mx.

    Source: www.sportdiver.com


    At 6:26 PM, Blogger Wesley1000 said...

    Nice blog Tiaan. I really wanna get involved in Diving. I fortunately live in Cape Town and still havent taken the plunge. any recommendations as where to start?


    Wesley Sampson

    At 8:46 AM, Blogger Melt du Plooy said...

    Wesley, Thank you for your comment post. There are quite a number of Dive Schools in Cape Town. One i can suggest is Alpha Dive Center - see http://www.alphadivecentre.co.za


    Melt du Plooy
    Dive South Africa

    At 7:48 AM, Blogger riverofocean said...

    We will be going to Cozumel in a couple of weeks, mid Feb. Could you recommend your first choice of a dive spot and a dive company?


    At 4:00 PM, Blogger Melt du Plooy said...

    Hello, unfortunately I have not had the pleasure of diving in Cozumel and are not familiar with any of the dive operators nor dive sites, thus I cannot make any recommendations.

    You can always do a search on Google or try any of the following:

    Best of luck!


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