11 January 2006

Deep Gear unveils 2006 Catalog

Deep Gear Sportswear continues to be "The Hottest Thing Going" - New catalog available to dive retailers wanting to add hot new products for the coming season.

On track for the spring dive season, Deep Gear spared no expense creating their 2006 Full Product Catalog.

Searching the U.S. for a suitable catalog designer and print shop with the best graphic artists in the country was no easy task. But they achieved what they were looking for...in spades!

Due to a ton of requests during their DEMA 2005 debut, Deep Gear has added several new products to their lineup. What customers were looking for specifically was a daypack that was small enough not to be a problem to carry and with enough features to make it well worth purchasing.

Response to the Xel-Ha Hydration Daypack was overwhelming. Plus, they've created a wonderfully embroidered Key Largo Crew Duffle Bag large enough and with enough extra compartments to carry most everything that a serious diver needs for a dive trip.

In addition to accessories, Deep gear followed more customer requests and added their awesome-looking Shark Logo to both men's and women's clothing. Listening to what buyers wanted to see resulted in Deep Gear adding about a dozen new products not previously offered at DEMA 2005.

Available by special order, Deep Gear has made a choice to offer their customized 10'x10' dive canopy as seen at the DEMA 2005 tradeshow. Complete with dive flags and the awesome Deep Gear Spider Logo, this canopy is perfect for indoor Deep Gear displays, company dive trips, dock area shelters, beaches, or even personal use while camping or boating.

Top-quality canvas and durable, lightweight 100% aluminum frame makes the canopy a must-have for any shop or resort carrying Deep Gear product. Be sure to see the DEMA 2005 photos of the Deep Gear booth and canopy. You might be in the picture yourself!

Deep Gear has a step up on competitors in that Deep Gear's women's line is significantly more extensive with a number of options, colors, and styles from which to choose. This comes from many women expressing dissatisfaction with competitor's lines of merchandise.

If you were not fortunate enough to see Deep Gear's "Dive Goddess" line for women at DEMA 2005, certainly one of the hottest new products at the show, you can see them here.

David Cunningham, Deep Gear's founder and CEO said, "We couldn't keep them in stock! We sold out at the show and had to turn away customers looking for the trademarked Dive Goddess tees. The Dive Goddess line and the flame caps were a smash".

The Deep Gear Full Product Catalog wasn't ready for Christmas as many had envisioned. According to Cunningham, pushing the catalog production date up would have resulted in substandard results and poor customer service.

Deep Gear has taken the time necessary to do it right the first time. The catalogs are now ready. We'll be offering 24-hour fax ordering, a complete web site where complete product descriptions are located, a direct email link, and a toll free 800 number.

With the spring Dive season fast approaching, stores, shops, dive companies, and resorts interested in carrying the deep gear line should order their catalog packet right away. Stock up now before dive season kick-off in May. Retailers can look forward to special discounts on initial orders. Deep Gear has made it ultra-convenient for dive shops, resorts, and retailers to get in on this wave. Be one of the first to offer Deep Gear product.

David Cunningham, CEO

Source: www.divenewswire.com


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