17 February 2006

7 deadly sins of scuba diving

DIVE Magazine asked their specialist writers to consider the conventions of modern diving and come up with a new set of seven deadly sins for 2006. This makes for very interesting reading.

The fundamental rules of diving – the ones that keep us alive underwater – are written in stone. But there are other rules that are too subtle for the course books – unwritten codes of consideration, good taste and common sense.

According to DIVE's writers, the new set of seven deadly sins for 2006 are:

1. Being a numpty
2. Bearing false witness
3. Ignoring advice
4. Breaking the dress code
5. Hyping the dive
6. Snoring for Britain
7. Worshipping false idols

This article is too long for this posting, so head over to www.divemagazine.co.uk


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