03 February 2006

Egypt awarded Shark Guardian of the Year

Due to the campaign, led by HEPCA and supported by the Red Sea Governate, The National Parks of Egypt, the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, to secure a decree banning shark fishing in the whole of the Egyptian Red Sea, in order to protect the shark population and environment of Egypt, the Shark Project has named Egypt as the Shark Guardian of the Year 2006.

HEPCA nominated Mr Baher Sobhi, Head of the Egyptian Tourism Office in Germany, to receive the award, demonstrating Egypt's commitment to the environment.

The award winner was announced on 19th January and the award was presented on 23rd January at the Düsseldorf Boat Show.

HEPCA would like to thank and congratulate all its partners involved in helping to secure this award, for all their efforts and continued support: General Saad Abu Rida, the ex-Red Sea Governor, Dr Mustafa Fouda and Team from the National Parks of Egypt, the Ministry of Agriculture & Fisheries, The Coastguard Forces, EEAA (Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency), USAID, Coca Cola International, Mr Mahmoud El Kaisoony, Head of Environmental Committee in the Egyptian Chamber of Tourism, and all HEPCA members.

Source: www.hepca.com


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