17 October 2006

Liquid Edge Diving - A new independent technical training choice in Johannesburg

Liquid Edge Diving (LED) (http://www.tekdiver.co.za) has opened shop in Northcliff, providing an independent, alternative choice to technical training in Gauteng.

LED is run by Gerhard du Preez (formerly of IANTD South Africa) and offers the full range of IANTD Courses, both sport, lite technical and full technical.

This is a bubble friendly school that focuses on entry level, open circuit technical diving well as the more advanced technical courses (Trimix and cave) and re-breathers.

Equipment and courses are competitively priced and structured to accommodate busy lifestyles without compromising the quality of training.

Gerhard is an avid deep cave diver whose passion is exploring and passing on his knowledge, creating new explorers.

Services include mixed gases and boosting (a booster enables LED to give you a 200bar fill as well as pure Trimix fills).

Gerhard can be contacted on gerhard@tekdiver.co.za or 0794935384.

Source: http://www.tekdiver.co.za


At 5:15 PM, Blogger Basketer said...

I have seen scuba diving many times but their is not much possibility in India. It weould be helpful if you can add a blog archive and some colorful pics to your blog. Your first hand experience makes your blog really interesting.


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