10 June 2005

DAN Associate Pro Level recognizes dive professionals

One of the single most important determining factors for most divers to become DAN Members is the advice and recommendation of their dive instructor.

Dive instructors refer new members to DAN every day: they are true advocates for DAN, the work DAN does, and the value of DAN membership and insurance. They do this for the safety of their divers without any thought of personal gain.

To recognize those dive leaders, DAN has created the Associate Pro designation.

This program is free to any DAN Member who holds a professional-level dive certification with a dive training agency. This includes divemasters, dive controllers, assistant instructors and instructors.

Associate Pros will get some basic benefits, mostly access to additional teaching tools, marketing and educational opportunities about DAN. Most importantly, however, they will have the ability to accumulate points, redeemable for any product in the DAN catalog.

If you are a DAN Member who is eligible to be an Associate Pro, call DAN today to begin earning points: +1-919-684-2948.

Source: www.diversalertnetwork.org


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