13 July 2005

Florida divers seek out sharks after recent shark attacks

With the recent shark attacks in Florida, you would think people would be doing everything they can to stay away from the animals, but lots of Florida divers are actually going out with the sole purpose of running into sharks.

Four miles off Jupiter's coast and 80 feet below the surface, a feared species gaining national attention swarms.

Randy Jordan works at the Jupiter Dive Center, "For some reason this summer we have seen more sharks it's unbelievable the amount of sharks we've seen, more than ever before."

Divers noticing this new trend are making their way closer to area reefs for a thrill.

Experts speculate higher breeding and a higher food supply like bait fish are the attractions. But little more is known about why the species consisting of bulls, hammerheads and reefs sharks are flocking, "When you can see shark hammerhead or bull and you can swim, they're more afraid us than you are of them. It's thrilling."

And it's a thrill that has hundreds of South Florida divers dropping in on this rare occurrence, one where up close encounters are common, leaving a lasting impression.

While millions fear them, divers are moving in on them, and in South Florida it is creating a summer stir that has dive trips booked solid.

Source: www.wistv.com


At 2:40 AM, Blogger Jen B said...

Because we are divers.....not just babes on the beach....we understand the risk of diving with sharks, but we also respect the animal. My non-diving friends think we are all nuts, but what they don't realize is once you are down there seeing this graceful, beautiful predator swim on by you, it's positively thrilling.

The media hype about shark attacks make these people believe that waters are infested with sharks.....it took a year of diving before I saw my first one, a sleek, graceful 3 foot nurse shark. I was absolutely elated and honored. Non-divers fear sharks the same reason they fear other things.... the unknown is what they fear.


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