20 September 2005

Scuba Diving Gear: New mask provides 5 times the field of vision

Scuba Diving Gear: New mask provides 5 times the field of visionIf you're dissatisfied with a limited underwater view when diving, then you might be interested to learn about Hydrooptix' Mega-4.5d mask.

After years of engineering, Jon Kranhouse – with the help of Hollywood computer gurus, who helped correct the once-fuzzy Hubble Space Telescope – has developed a mask that reportedly provides "a view almost five times wider than the view available through conventional flat masks, and the vision is completely distortion free." Sounds great! But there is one small drawback...

Because the "concave shape of water" creates an optical phenomenon, you must be nearsighted to use the mask. Many naturally nearsighted divers can use the Mega-4.5d with just their naked eyes. Apparently the view is so astonishing, however, that many divers with 20/20 vision have purchased contact lenses just to use the mask.

Voluntarily becoming temporarily nearsighted, the divers claim that wearing contacts is worth the hassle, because of the vast improvement in vision. I wouldn't've believed it if I hadn't looked at the testimonials. The Mega-4.5d ships for $200; contact lenses not included.

Would you wear contacts underwater if your experience improved so dramatically? Or do you think this is a scam?

Source: www.divester.com


At 1:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I picked up this mask a month ago and I love it. We were on a boat in California just this past weekend and several people were using it for the first time... all were won over. I highly recommend it. Email me if you want to know more... leftybrian(at)hotmail(dot)com

At 2:50 AM, Blogger Matthew said...

Crazy! Most divers can't see anything on a dive because they don't know what they are looking at.

How was you dive? "Oh I saw a shark, and eel, and a fish or two."

If you want to "see more" on a dive, pick up a fish id book and learn the names of the fish, coral, or stuff you looking at.

This mask can't make you any smarter, only books and hardwork can do that.


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