26 September 2005

Shed new light on a familiar dive site and get a free GLO-TOOB tank light from PADI

If you ask a group of divers about their favorite type of diving, chances are they'll tell you they love to go night diving. This might seem strange to a new diver, who might imagine the underwater world at night is dark and scary. But as experienced divers know, night diving can be very relaxing, and people are often surprised at how much there is to see.

During a night dive, even the most familiar dive site becomes a completely different place. While some fish sleep, creatures such as lobsters, octopi and coral put on an amazing show. Night dives can also be very colorful experiences. On daytime dives, you experience color loss as you go deeper, but at night, your dive light reveals beautiful oranges, vibrant reds and bright yellows. In some areas, the water itself is illuminated as plankton, jellyfish and other luminescent animals make the underwater environment seem otherworldly.

In the PADI Night Diver Specialty course, you'll learn night-dive planning, procedures and techniques as well as how to avoid and overcome potential problems. You'll also learn how to navigate and communicate at night. In addition, the course includes an introduction to the local nocturnal aquatic life.

You can complete your PADI Night Diver Specialty course in as little as one night and, if you've completed a Night Adventure Dive during your Adventures in Diving program, you may be able to count this dive toward your Night Diver Specialty certification*.

During the month of October, you can earn a free GLO-TOOB LCD tank light when you complete a PADI Night Diver Specialty course. The GLO-TOOB tank light (a $24.95 value) is waterproof to any depth and comes with a 30-hour battery. This environmentally friendly little light is packed with power and will last through many dives and adventures. For more information on this promotion visit The Specialty of the Month section of www.padi.com.

Whether you've dreamed of seeing a lobster wrestling match or a manta gliding by in the moonlight, a PADI Night Diver Specialty certification can help make your dreams a reality. Visit a PADI dive center or resort near you to sign up today.

*Credit is given at the instructor's discretion.

Source: www.sportdiver.com


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