14 October 2005

South Africa: Search for missing scuba diver called off

A search for a missing scuba diver at Castle Rock near Simonstown was called off at last light. The National Sea Rescue Institute and more than 40 members of the police, navy and metro rescue diving units took part in the search.

Six friends were diving shortly before noon when one of them, Yasser Gamaldien (25) of the Strand, got into trouble. There was a 20 knot south easter blowing and a one metre swell at the time. Darren Zimmerman of the National Sea Rescue Institute says it seems as though Gamaldien ran out of air. Zimmerman says his friends were assisting him with the equipment to breathe and shortly after that their air started running out as well.

Divers, assisted by spotters on the shore, searched the area where the men had been diving and found a bag containing perlemoen. The area is a marine reserve where the harvesting of perlemoen is forbidden. Commercial harvesting of perlemoen is not allowed in False Bay and the perlemoen season closed two weeks ago.

Source: www.sabcnews.com


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