29 November 2005

Book of condolence for leading BSAC diver, Penny Glover

BSAC is to open a book of condolence for national instructor Penny Glover, who went missing from a trimix dive in the South of France on Monday 21 November.

Penny, 42, and her buddy, Jacques Filippi, were diving with friends in Porquerolles, when they both disappeared.

"The book will give everyone who knew Penny an opportunity to say a final few words and hopefully for her family to gain some solace from understanding the impact of her loss on the whole diving community," said BSAC national diving officer Clare Peddie.

The book will be located at BSAC's headquarters in Ellesmere Port, Cheshire from Monday 28 November until Friday 2 December. It will then be taken to the BSAC Diving Officers' Conference at the Institute of Education, London University, on Saturday 3 December.

Peddie said the book will be placed in the downstairs foyer outside the main hall of the conference and will be accessible to people not attending the conference.

For those who are unable to attend either venue, BSAC is planning to gather electronic messages of condolences. Email inmemory@bsac.com.

Source: www.divemagazine.co.uk


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