02 November 2005

Cousteau grandson diving in at the shark end

The grandson of the legendary marine explorer Jacques Cousteau is carrying on the family business - with the aid of a submarine inspired by Tintin. Michael Park gets in the swim.

Perhaps it should come as no surprise that the inventor of a submarine that looks and moves like a great white shark is called Cousteau. For 60 years, this name has been synonymous with undersea adventure and award-winning documentaries.

The family patriarch and pioneer, Jacques Cousteau, died in 1997, but now his grandson is carrying on the family tradition.

Fabien Cousteau, 37, has been involved in his family's business since he was a boy, sailing regularly with his father and grandfather to remote archipelagos on grand adventures to film the silent, undersea world. Now an oceanographer and film-maker in his own right, he has just completed work on a project that he believes would have made his grandfather proud.

Source: news.independent.co.uk


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