04 November 2005

Divernet: Top 25 dive gear products exhibited at Dive 2005

Votes were cast for the all-time favourite items of diving equipment, so that the top 25 could be exhibited at Dive 2005, the UK's biggest annual Dive Show.

If you were at the Show on 29 or 30 October you will have seen the resulting display, which had everybody stopping to see whether their own kit was featured.

If you missed the Show (where were you?), here is the full roll of honour:

1. Suunto Vyper
2. Mares Plana Avanti Quattro Fins
3. Buddy Commando BC
4. Apeks ATX 200 Regulator
5. Suunto Stinger
6. Force Pro Fins
7. Olympus mju 600 Digital Camera and PT029 Housing
8. O'Three Ri 2/100 Drysuit
9. Buddy Delayed SMB
10. APD Inspiration Rebreather
11. Aqua Lung Legend Supreme Regulator
12. Aqua Lung SeaQuest Diva LX BC
13. Scubapro Mk25/S600 Regulator
14. Scubapro/Uwatec Smart Pro Computer
15. Seacsub Pro 2000 BC
16. DUI GF200 XRKN Drysuit
17. Poseidon Cyklon Metal Regulator
18. Otter Britannic Drysuit
19. Oceanic Delta 3 Regulator
20. Cressi Matrix Mask
21. Delta P VR3 Computer
22. IST Pro Ear 2000 Mask
23. Kowalski Speed 1250 Torch
24. McMahon SMB Reel
25. Ikelite PC Lite Torch

And don't forget, you can still vote for your Product of 2005 in the Diver Awards, which is another poll altogether! Click here

Source: www.divernet.com


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