19 November 2005

Missing Belize Snorkeler: Divester update

Divester provides an update regarding the missing snorkeler in Belize and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

From Divester: I told you about the missing snorkeler in Belize this week. Unfortunately, they still haven't found the 68-year-old Nebraska man, but I did learn a bit more about the circumstances surrounding his disappearance.

According to authorities, John Dresp and about 50 other cruise ship passengers went for a guided snorkel with eight licensed tour guides in Shark Ray Alley. After a few minutes, John's brother, Donald, noticed he was missing and notified the operator of the trip, Discovery Divers Limited. Authorities immediately began searching for Dresp, but did not find him. They presume he drowned.

Discovery Divers Limited issued a statement describing snorkeling conditions as "ideal." However, Donald Dresp told local news media there was a strong current and the water was deeper than the group had anticipated. Divester contributor, The Tick, visited the place recently and claims the spot is generally about 10 feet deep – although there are areas of deeper water – with very little current. It seems very strange. And, of course: sad.

Source: www.divester.com


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