16 November 2005

South African policeman attacked by Ragged Tooth Shark

A local policeman came a bad second on Tuesday against a ragged-toothed shark when he tried to catch the awesome predator in the sea in Jeffrey's Bay.

Sergeant Ivan Gerger, 32, who catches sharks in his free time for the shark aquarium in Jeffreys Bay, was admitted to the Humansdorp hospital after the attack. His condition is stable.

After biting him the shark swam back into the sea.

Police spokesperson Inspector Marianette Olivier said the attack took place at about 14:00 at Aston Bay when Gerber tried to pull the shark out of the water.

"It bit both his hands and his right leg. The shark bit his palm and fingers but didn't bite anything off," said Olivier.

The shark aquarium at Jeffreys Bay exports sharks to different places in the world. Local fisherfolk are contracted to catch these sharks in the sea.

Source: http://www.news24.com


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