02 December 2005

Leave your mark on PADI History

Help make PADI history by designing the next great PADI T-shirt. Current stocks are dwindling and the staff needs your help to create a great new eye catching design.

So haul out your crayons, markers, or digital drawing tools to create the next PADI T-shirt design. If we choose your entry, you'll receive $250 US credit towards any PADI Diving Society event or towards a purchase at www.padigear.com

Here are a few important guidelines:

  • The Design can be a maximum of two colors - a one-color graphic and a one-color background.
  • Design cannot include the PADI logo.
  • Design may include mention of PADI's 40th Anniversary
  • The Design may contain words (but doesn't have to).
  • Design must be attached to an official contest agreement
  • Design entries must be received no later than 31 Jan 2006.
  • Designs may be submitted by mail or FAX only.
  • Design dimensions cannot exceed 30.5 centimetres/12.0 inches x 35.6 centimetres/14.0 inches.
  • Design should promote the scuba diving lifestyle and cannot include lewd imagery, alcohol, or images of unsafe dive practices.
  • The contest is open to PADI Diving Society members only. To verify if you are a PADI Diving Society member, please call: 888-333-7234. To join PADI Diving Society, contact your local PADI Dive Center or Resort, or join PADI Diving Society online.

Entries are due January 31, 2006 and must include a contest agreement signed by the participant. Winner will be selected by PADI and notified by phone. The winning design will be posted to www.padi.com on or around February 10, 2006 and will be published in Sport Diver magazine.

Please see the official PADI t-shirt contest agreement for complete details.

Source: www.sportdiver.com


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