22 December 2005

Whale Shark sightings in the Musandam, Oman

Whale Sharks were sighted over the last weekend in the beautiful waters of the Musandam region, Oman.

Whale Sharks are not as common in this region as they are in the other Indian Ocean regions. Their return and sighting is a comforting sign of the well being of the surrounding Gulf of Oman waters to which oil tankers are a constant threat to the environment.

Overlooked by researchers all these years, the Gulf coral reefs remained uncharted. It is only recently (January of this year) that a project on inventory and mapping coral reefs of Abu Dhabi and Eastern Qatar was launched under the sponsorship of Dolphin Energy Ltd. The Environment Agency - Abu Dhabi (EAD) and Supreme Council for Environment and Natural Reserves (SCENR), Doha joined the project as partners.

For more information on the Musandam region see this website.

Source: www.deeperblue.net


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