13 January 2006

Australia: Conservation council questions shark nets

One of New South Wales' peak environment groups says shark nets along the coast harm other species and provide little protection for swimmers.

The Nature Conservation Council says the recent fatal shark attack in Queensland was unfortunate but it should not spark panic or hysteria to drive continued netting of beaches.

The council's spokeswoman, Megan Kessler, says the nets provide a false sense of security because sharks can easily swim over or around them.

Ms Kessler says the nets also cause environmental damage.

"Every year we see a number of dolphins and turtles caught and drowned in the nets as well as whales, just recently in New South Wales we saw a juvenile humpback whale," she said.

"The Nature Conservation Council believes that there are other ways to protect people from shark attacks that don't cause these problems."

Source: www.abc.net.au/news/newsitems/200601


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