25 January 2006

Lebanese scuba diver rescues guitar shark

Naji Cherabieh is a scuba diver with more than a dozen years of experience in both diving and underwater photography. On a trip diving in Mauritius he noticed a guitar shark (an endangered species) struggling in an agitated way in the sand. Cherabieh moved closer to investigate...

"As I got really close, I saw that the shark was entangled in an anchor rope and was completely stuck and helpless," Cherabieh told the press. "I also realized that this was a guitar shark, an endangered species and one of the world's rarest sharks. It was a magnificent and beautiful creature," he added.

But fellow sharks of different species were waiting for a meal sensing the guitar shark's predicament. "The large number of sharks circling was because they saw the distress of the guitar shark and they were simply waiting to attack it," he said. Despite the dangers, Cherabieh knew he had to help the shark.

He was joined by several other divers. They were able to cut the shark free of the lines in which it had become tangled. Its frantic thrashing made the situation worse for the shark and harder for the divers to free the scared creature.

Read the details in reporter Jessy Chahine's story at: Diver Saves Guitar Shark

Source: www.divenews.com


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