25 January 2006

SCUBAPRO/UWATEC launches Smart Z Hoseless Computer

In early 2005, SCUBAPRO UWATEC introduced the highly-sophisticated Smart TEC hoseless dive computer to the global marketplace. It is designed primarily for technical divers as it fully supports 3-gas diving. Now, for sport and traveling divers, SCUBAPRO UWATEC is pleased to introduce the UWATEC Smart Z, a full-featured hoseless computer ideal for recreational use.

As is the case with all UWATEC hoseless computers, the process required to pair the electronic transmitter to the new Smart Z dive computer only has to be executed once, for optimum convenience and safety. This patented, coded-transmission technology prevents interference between different dive computers.

Since safety is also inherent in every UWATEC computer, the Smart Z gives you a true Remaining Bottom Time (RBT) reading. The RBT is the time you have left to spend at the current depth before you need to ascend in order to be on the surface with the minimum gas reserve you’ve pre-set prior to your dive.

Unlike many dive computers which only report the remaining tank pressure, the Smart Z's RBT is calculated by taking into consideration all parameters which affect the ascent, such as tank pressure, breathing rate, depth, ideal ascending speed, all incurring decompression obligations and the tank reserve set by the diver.

Tank pressure is also temperature compensated in order to correctly follow the diver through an ascent in mountain lakes with large temperature gradients. Once all these parameters have been taken into account it calculates the actual RBT, and all parameters are constantly monitored so that the RBT is continuously updated.

The new Smart Z also features microbubble suppression technology. Recent research has been incorporated into the algorithm which reduces the risk of microbubble formation during a dive. For optimum customization, UWATEC has divided this extra safety into six steps so you can adapt it to your particular needs. Levels can be set before the dive directly on the dive computer, with L0 corresponding with the renown UWATEC ZH-L8 ADT algorithm, and L5 for the most conservative level.

Other key features include:

  • Gauge mode to 400 feet for technical diving
  • Decompression dive planner with freely selectable surface intervals
  • 100 hour dive profile memory, downloadable to a PC via a wireless (infrared) interface
  • User-selectable MOD
  • Numerous informative alarms that can be switched off by the user
  • All Smart computers are sold with Smart TRAK, the free software for downloading your dives and customizing your Smart computer

Source: www.sportdiver.com


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