03 February 2006

DAN addresses concerns about Insurance Coverage

Dan Orr, DAN President and CEO, issued the following statement, addressing concerns among members about insurance coverage. The statement was issued Tuesday, Jan. 31.

"DAN strongly emphasizes that we support our members. In the unlikely event of a diving injury, be assured that if any DAN member were to be referred to a chamber, their DAN diving accident insurance and membership will apply.

"If the chamber is one of the nine (9) facilities referred to in the press release from SSS Corporate Headquarters, SSS has stated, categorically, they DO accept the DAN diving accident insurance.

"If a DAN member were to be referred to one of the three (3) facilities that have stated they do not support DAN and will not accept insurance purchased with DAN membership (the SSS chambers in Nassau, Cabo San Lucas or Cancun), DAN will nevertheless work to assure that the DAN members are covered.

"Although DAN maintains that the charges at these three facilities are in excess of reasonable and customary charges, divers should not be caught in the middle of this dispute.

"To ensure that the divers are not caught in the middle, effective immediately, DAN's insurer will coordinate with the SSS chambers in Nassau, Cabo San Lucas or Cancun to cover all treatment charges.

"When the injured DAN Member or their representative contacts DAN using the 24-Hour Diving Emergency Hotline, DAN will liaise with the chamber to arrange immediate payment. DAN will continue to do so until there has been a resolution to this dispute. Rest assured, DAN continues to seek an amicable resolution."

If you'd like more information, see the announcement entitled "DAN Responds to SSS Press Release," in the News & Events section of the website.

If you have questions about chamber availability, please call DAN Headquarters at 1-800-446-2671 and speak to a DAN medic; or email DAN at medic@DiversAlertNetwork.org

Source: www.diversalertnetwork.org


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